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We embrace creativity in all of its many forms, from art to advertising, movies to music. We like to make things, and we like to look at things other people make, whether one-of-a-kind or infinitely produced. We find beauty in bound books, bright colors, unique clothes, attractive office supplies, inspirational artists, and (of course) the inexpensive and continuous joys of stickers and donuts.
New currently obsessed post!

New currently obsessed post!

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Guggen’ Donut by Mia Liu

Notes about the “Guggen’ Donut” from Liu:

This work also uses Guggenheim Museum’s tickets as the creative medium, and attempts to use this medium in a journal-like documentary project. Using the ticket hole-punched method, I’ve turned my daily routine of eating donuts at the Guggenheim Museum café into the topic of my creative work. Through the process of punching holes, I’ve tried to turn the orange ink used on the tickets into the primary color on the artwork’s surface. The completed work shows an interesting reconstructed twist for the ready-made object.

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story of my life.


story of my life.


any FASHION lover should know about the Fall/Winter 1949-1950 ”Junon” dress by CHRISTIAN DIOR! *elegant silk net embroidered pale-blue with rust sequins…simply TO DIE FOR! *drool